80 HP Stump Grinder

80 HP Stump Grinder

Stump & Grind is the most experienced stump removal service in the area.  We are celebrating our 15th year in business.  Our machines are more efficient than most of our competition, and we can grind as deep as 2 feet.  Our machines are on rubber tracks and carry about the same ground pressure as a man’s foot.

Estimates are free.

We comply with all Dig Safe laws, and we are fully insured.

Click here to see for yourself!  (Mute the video.. It’s loud!!)

Stump grinder in action

Let Stump & Grind get to the root of your problem!

Steps to Complete your Project:

  1. Stump & Grind comes to your site to assess ground conditions and stump locations.  If the stumps are easily identified you do not have to be there for the bid.
  2. Customer must notify Stump & Grind about any underground private conditions that would impact grinding, such as buried invisible dog fences, gas lines, storage tanks, land post wires, etc.  It is the customer’s responsibility to clearly mark these hazards.
  3. Stump & Grind will mark your site for Dig Safe, and call it in to be marked for major utilities such as electric, gas-oil, communication cables, water, sewer and drainage.
  4. Stump & Grind comes to grind your stumps!  Note:  We do not remove the chips.  They make great mulch.
  5. Clean up is best done with a wheelbarrow, rake and shovel.  If you are planning a lawn where the stump used to be, we recommend getting as many of the chips removed as possible.